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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Neuroscientists for Kerry!

So I went to a Kerry rally yesteday at the Art Museum (or "library" if you're John Kerry) that was very crowded so I didn't get to tell him how much Teresa rocks for telling off the Trib.  Does anyone believe the Trib anyway?  I mean, other than those who think Fox News is actually IS "fair and balanced"?  It was good, he's not bad as a speaker and he had some good talking points.  I think it was just his stump speech with a "Rocky" reference thrown in but whatever. 

Convention-wise...remember what I said before after Obama was on Meet the Press?  Well, add a lot of positive superlatives to that.  The blue state/red state thing was great.   Damn right there are gays in the red states and religious people in the blues.

I've been so caught up in watching the speeches I haven't even been crafting.  Ususally I can knit and watch TV at the same time, but I was totally losing track of how many heel stitches I'd picked up while watching Obama so I just gave up the knitting and settled for the politics.  If only more pols were that inspirational.    

Monday, July 26, 2004

(belated) TIMWATCH:
As there is no DSL in our shiny new place yet, this is a bit late.  So.  I'd read about soon-to-be-Senator Obama before but never actually seen an interview with him.  Damn!  Seriously impressed me, though I guess having edited the Harvard Law Review he's have to be smart and well-spoken.  Why was Tim egging him about being right about Iraq?  Like it was somehow a rift between him and the Kerry/Edwards ticket?  Hey, at least one pol got it right, even if it was just an Illinois state senator.  And there is no way we're actually going to get any of the Commission's recommendations implemented...at least not with the Republican majorities and with Bush "in charge."

In other news, most of the important things are unpacked.  Not much crafting time, though I've started to turn my heel.  Socks, the most perfect small knitting projects ever!  ANd I'm itching to make curtains since all the walls are white. 

Many of my peers are going to the Kerry rally at the Art Museum tomorrow.  Neuroscientists for Kerry!  Really, academia does have its upside. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

As I was busy moving Sunday, no Tim.  Plus, the new place has no magic free cable and apparently you need an antenna to get stations if you find yourself without said magic free cable.  And non-magic cable is very very not free.
The good news is I have a big shiny new place with a dishwasher and washer/dryer and little cement urban yard.  The bad news is it is now 25 minutes for me to walk to lab, versus seven.  I never was much for being there on time even when I lived right there, I shudder to think at what unprofessional hours I will be arriving.  This transition into quasi-adulthood is not fun.  I've never actually had to deal with the public utilities before.  Turns out they're mean.
I've sent off my pieces for the passalong scarf.  And am still working on a sock and the sweater, which I have made zero progress on since I packed it early in the moving process and have not yet unpacked it.  But I have been doing a lot of embroidery.  Blackwork seems fun, except I'm totally not doing it right.  Can anyone actually get the double running stitch to lay flat?  I've been backstitching instead.  Dirty dirty cheater.
I have zero progress in terms of actual scientific productivity.  No, really, I'll count cells...tomorrow. 

Sunday, July 11, 2004

TIMWATCH: Yes, the Iraq intelligence was flawed. However, I think it is safe to say that no nation has nuke-ular weapons, Senator Roberts. At least Tim is being harsh on him. It is fun watching Roberts get pissy, since he seems so staid most of the time.
Ugh, William F. Buckley. Is he pretending to be British, or is it senility? He and David Broder should enter into a suicide pact: if Kerry wins, they shoot each other and the rest of us never have to see/hear them again. Today's roundtable was pretty sad, which I'll blame on Buckley. Bleccchhh.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Tennis preempted Tim this morning. So no yelling-at-Republicans fix for me today.

Knitting the To Dye For sweater in grey worsted wool, as mohair makes me very itchy. It isn't nearly as light and airy with wool, though. We'll see. And (slowly) working on my second pair of socks.

I should really really go to lab but I'd rather make the swatches for the Glitter passalong scarf swap. Since knitting/sewing/embroidering is way more important right now. How many years of grad school are left? What are the odds of winning the lotto?

Ah, grad student angst. It never ends.