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Monday, July 26, 2004

(belated) TIMWATCH:
As there is no DSL in our shiny new place yet, this is a bit late.  So.  I'd read about soon-to-be-Senator Obama before but never actually seen an interview with him.  Damn!  Seriously impressed me, though I guess having edited the Harvard Law Review he's have to be smart and well-spoken.  Why was Tim egging him about being right about Iraq?  Like it was somehow a rift between him and the Kerry/Edwards ticket?  Hey, at least one pol got it right, even if it was just an Illinois state senator.  And there is no way we're actually going to get any of the Commission's recommendations implemented...at least not with the Republican majorities and with Bush "in charge."

In other news, most of the important things are unpacked.  Not much crafting time, though I've started to turn my heel.  Socks, the most perfect small knitting projects ever!  ANd I'm itching to make curtains since all the walls are white. 

Many of my peers are going to the Kerry rally at the Art Museum tomorrow.  Neuroscientists for Kerry!  Really, academia does have its upside. 


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