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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Neuroscientists for Kerry!

So I went to a Kerry rally yesteday at the Art Museum (or "library" if you're John Kerry) that was very crowded so I didn't get to tell him how much Teresa rocks for telling off the Trib.  Does anyone believe the Trib anyway?  I mean, other than those who think Fox News is actually IS "fair and balanced"?  It was good, he's not bad as a speaker and he had some good talking points.  I think it was just his stump speech with a "Rocky" reference thrown in but whatever. 

Convention-wise...remember what I said before after Obama was on Meet the Press?  Well, add a lot of positive superlatives to that.  The blue state/red state thing was great.   Damn right there are gays in the red states and religious people in the blues.

I've been so caught up in watching the speeches I haven't even been crafting.  Ususally I can knit and watch TV at the same time, but I was totally losing track of how many heel stitches I'd picked up while watching Obama so I just gave up the knitting and settled for the politics.  If only more pols were that inspirational.    


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