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Friday, March 07, 2008

FO Fest

I hereby present my backlog of finished projects that I have been too overwhelmed by grad school badness to post of late:

First off, I finished the Fetchings that were my emergency Thanksgiving project:
finished Fetchings
please pardon the craptacular lab lighting. Though it is apropos as they live in the always-freezing microscope room, wherein I spend altogether too much time.

Next up, my sister requested a hat for Hanukkah. Two days before the holiday ended. Ahem. She got it mid-January, which I find to be a perfectly acceptable time frame.
Hanukkah hat for Katie
Pattern can be found here. Really easy and pretty fast to knit.

I also finished my first sweater. Which technically is my fourth sweater, but the first I actually managed to finish. Thanks to Gerald for taking the picture, that's the D floor conference room across the hall from lab and our closest source of actual natural light.
top-down raglan

Having liked cabling my sister's hat so much, I made a cabled hat for me. Somehow all of the hats I had made in the past were not black. Astonishing! So I made one:
SNBN cabled hat
It's from SNBN and was really easy.

Finally, I also finished a pair of socks:
falling leaves
They're the Falling Leavessocks from Knitty awhile ago. The best part of having wee size 5 1/2 feet is that it only took one ball of Lorna's Laces to make actual socks!

Knitting makes me so much happier than lab. Obviously.