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Monday, February 25, 2008


So grad school has finally consumed all of my being. I supposed that's what "good" students allow it to do from the beginning. I'm too tired to expound upon it at the moment, except to say that it is very bad and that I am very unhappy and that very, very bad things start happening inside my head when I'm in the lab 75 hours a week. Swirly black abyss bad.

I've managed to keep up my knitting a bit, which I will exhibit in photographic form later.

I am still with the JC. He makes me very happy, plus he's been quite supportive these past two hell-tastic months. Mostly by feeding me and giving me wine.

Over winter break, I went up to Toronto, where I hadn't been since 2000, at which time the Canadian dollar was worth about 60 cents. I very nearly cried in TD when I got less in Canadian that I'd given them in American. I would have thought his family was less intense if he'd told me that he'd never officially brought a girl home to meet them beforehand, but whatever. They're nice. I like meeting people's family, it's like a game of Genetics in Action! I'd met his dad before, but moms are always harder.

They live downtown. Like, right downtown. Here is the view from their apartment:

yes, that's the CN tower in the corner. It was very grey.

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