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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not Dead, Still Knitting

I have no good reason for not posting in eons, especially since I finally got a new laptop in May. Except for that bit where I spent two months using said laptop to play Civ 3, which I randomly found in my apartment having never played it before. Oops.

Still knitting, though. And I finally got my ravelry invite, so I'm really inspired to...knit more! And buy piles of yarn! It's great, and anyone with a ravelry account please friend me, it's neurochic over there. That site is like crack. Knitting crack.

And here is a lovely project I just finished:

Yes, my legs are that pasty even in August. They're the ever-popular Jaywalker socks, though I did them toe-up and with a short-row rather than gusset heel. And I am so in love with that colorway!

In other news, the JC and I are still together somehow, I hate science, the lab still has no money, and I'm beginning to get antsy about finishing. And I got an awesome internship doing editing and some editorial stuff at a scientific journal (the JCI, for those of you who are interested) and it's awesome! So I'm actually working on getting some sort of career together just on the off chance I ever finish this cursed Ph.D.

I promise to blog more. Really. If only for my own sanity.

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