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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello again, internets

So. Been awhile.

Maybe using twitter constantly has rendered me unable to compose a thought greater than 140 characters in length?

More likely, since I now write for a living, I'm less inclined to write for funsies. Even to barf out my random-ass thoughts for the whole universe to ponder. Or rather, ignore.

Anyway. Still in Boston. Have job. Still with the JC. Still knitting.

All in all, my life is remarkably un-sucky right now. Contentedness is a strange new feeling for me. I'm afraid to get too used to it.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Wrote a Poem on a Dog Biscuit

This is way overdue, but I have pictures of the Fourth of July. Which comes four days after Canada Day, which in true Canadian style we celebrated with $8 pitchers of Molson. At an Irish bar, no less.

Okay, so the Charlestown Fourth. Not as crazy as the ones in Philadelphia but still taken pretty seriously.

We walked up to the monument, which is only a few blocks away:
Bunker Hill Monument

There were lots of tourists. Boo tourists.
tourists and the city from the monument

Across the street from the monument is the old Charlestown High school. I'm not sure what it is now but I'm betting its condos, like everything else.
old Charlestown High

There was reenacting going on. That guy totally fired his musket.
that's a big musket

On the way home, we found a parish garden attached to a convent.
church garden

And this, which I found totally heartbreaking:

Then we went home and made yummy blender drinks. The whole way home I made jokes at the expense of the JC's heritage, as befits a dirty Loyalist pig. He's lucky he didn't get tarred and feathered in the spirit of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

New Englandy

Well, since I've last posted, I've moved to Boston. Charlestown, more specifically. I've always had a soft spot for Massachusetts and now I live here!

Charlestown is all historic. It is, in fact, where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought (though the actual battle wasn't on Bunker Hill at all, but rather Breed's Hill) and where the USS Constitution is Docked. Part of the Freedom Trail runs through it, about a block from our house, so every time we're downtown or in the North End, we joke that at least we can find our way home if we get really really drunk just by following the red line. And hordes of goddamn tourists.

Here are some pictures of things:
There are jellyfish in the Harbor - at first I couldn't believe it and thought they were all dead, but there are a zillion and they're actually alive, so I guess the harbor isn't as polluted as I always imagined it would be.

These are boats, taken from the ferry. I think it is way awesome that I could conceivably commute via ferry (if I were to have a job, that is).
the harbor

Hopefully I will find some sort of enjoyable source of income by the end of the summer, though for now I'm really enjoying sitting on my ass and knitting and watching lots of cable. The JC insists on things like cable and having one's own internet connection and having a real bed and not some crap futon you've had since college. Which is nice. But it is very strange to be living like a grownup.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Frogging Makes Me Cry

So I'd been working on a shawl (kiri) that I started last fall, worked on in CA, and then put down in November for reasons I no longer recall. I somehow decided that it would be a good project to work on on the bus from Philly to NY, where I was going to spend Passover with my mom's side of the family (because they're always SO MUCH FUN and NOT STRESS-INDUCING AT ALL, especially when all the rest of my life was dissolving into a flaming pile of sulfur). Anyway, I hadn't touched the shawl in nearly 6 months, but I had my trusty lifeline, so it would all be fine, right?

Well, somehow I managed to err in such a way that my stitch count stayed right despite messing up the pattern. Except I didn't know I'd made a mistake, and thought everything was fine (because the stitch count was okay) and yanked the lifeline. You can see where this is going.

The kiri shawl is supposed to have a row of eyelets straight up the center. You can see how they started doing just that on my shawl here:
kiri progress

However, upon closer inspection:
kiri error

Sigh. I tried to save it, but I was not capable of picking up a row under the error properly. So I had the JC our me a glass of wine for fortification and I frogged the whole thing. It was traumatic. I can usually fudge my way through a mistake but "misaligned center row of eyelets" is the kind of glaring and unfixable mistake I can't make better.

So here's the yarn again:
reclaimed silk lace
It's not the yarn's fault, the yarn is lovely. The yarn is experiencing new life as the start of an Icarus.
I'm not sure if I'll try Kiri again - it's not a difficult pattern at all, I'm just an idiot.

Let this be a lesson: do not pick up a lace project after a six-month hiatus on the Greyhound to a family even that you are dreading when you're also stressed about everything else in your life and think you can take out the old lifelines. That's just asking for a tearful wine-laden frog event.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Two Things I Will Miss

My neighborhood:
22 and Catharine

Outside Solomon:
lily of the valley

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Friday, March 07, 2008

FO Fest

I hereby present my backlog of finished projects that I have been too overwhelmed by grad school badness to post of late:

First off, I finished the Fetchings that were my emergency Thanksgiving project:
finished Fetchings
please pardon the craptacular lab lighting. Though it is apropos as they live in the always-freezing microscope room, wherein I spend altogether too much time.

Next up, my sister requested a hat for Hanukkah. Two days before the holiday ended. Ahem. She got it mid-January, which I find to be a perfectly acceptable time frame.
Hanukkah hat for Katie
Pattern can be found here. Really easy and pretty fast to knit.

I also finished my first sweater. Which technically is my fourth sweater, but the first I actually managed to finish. Thanks to Gerald for taking the picture, that's the D floor conference room across the hall from lab and our closest source of actual natural light.
top-down raglan

Having liked cabling my sister's hat so much, I made a cabled hat for me. Somehow all of the hats I had made in the past were not black. Astonishing! So I made one:
SNBN cabled hat
It's from SNBN and was really easy.

Finally, I also finished a pair of socks:
falling leaves
They're the Falling Leavessocks from Knitty awhile ago. The best part of having wee size 5 1/2 feet is that it only took one ball of Lorna's Laces to make actual socks!

Knitting makes me so much happier than lab. Obviously.


Monday, February 25, 2008


So grad school has finally consumed all of my being. I supposed that's what "good" students allow it to do from the beginning. I'm too tired to expound upon it at the moment, except to say that it is very bad and that I am very unhappy and that very, very bad things start happening inside my head when I'm in the lab 75 hours a week. Swirly black abyss bad.

I've managed to keep up my knitting a bit, which I will exhibit in photographic form later.

I am still with the JC. He makes me very happy, plus he's been quite supportive these past two hell-tastic months. Mostly by feeding me and giving me wine.

Over winter break, I went up to Toronto, where I hadn't been since 2000, at which time the Canadian dollar was worth about 60 cents. I very nearly cried in TD when I got less in Canadian that I'd given them in American. I would have thought his family was less intense if he'd told me that he'd never officially brought a girl home to meet them beforehand, but whatever. They're nice. I like meeting people's family, it's like a game of Genetics in Action! I'd met his dad before, but moms are always harder.

They live downtown. Like, right downtown. Here is the view from their apartment:

yes, that's the CN tower in the corner. It was very grey.

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