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Friday, September 28, 2007


I have woes. Big woes. Science woes. Grad school woes.

In a nutshell: my lab has no money (seriously - we're at "how are we going to buy rats?" at the moment) so my advisor can't pay me and I've run out of training grant eligibility. But I'm not done. My committee hates me and everything I do. They "offered" that I could leave with a master's (ha!). Hell, no - not after 5 years! I'm finishing if I have to beg, borrow, or steal to do it.

So the deal is: I do a different project than the one I was planning that meshes better with my almost-done project. I add more stuff to the almost-done project (so it isn't very almost-done anymore). I write a review (this I'm great with). I do all this by...June.

Funny, at my committee meeting last year they said December of 08 was a great time to graduate. Now they've decided to move it up 6 months and be asses about it. Because they're paying for me? Because I don't want to stay in science? Because they like making me cry?

So I'm basically going to have to go nuts for the next 8 months and hope I make them happy and that they don't randomly decide it would be fun to have me leave sans doctorate anyway. Because "we don't give degrees just because you tried a bunch of experiments, they have to be successful."

I hate them. I hate this school. I hate science. I hate my life. But I'm going to finish, if only out of spite.

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Blogger Michelle said...

You can do it...

Spite can be a wonderful motivator.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Tiff said...

Just think of this all as practice for the professional bitterness you'll feel once you enter the work force! [Wow, I'm cheerful!]

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how I know your woes! The stupid EU committee that pays (or rather: should pay) for my grant has made some "administrative errors," so I am now owed thousands of Euros, have no money to move back home, no money to stay here, no money to pay for application fees for other institutions, etc. etc.
I will get the money "some time after January." Thanks. But I need it NOW!

Good luck with it all, and don't hesitate to come whine to me in PM's over at Glitter.

I am WorkAndPlay, by the way.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous The Retropolitan said...

You can do it! Spite!

7:50 PM  

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