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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Timwatch 1/7

Due to complex life adventures of late, I hadn't even been watching Tim. He missed me, though. I can tell.

As everyone already knows, Joe Biden announced his candidate for Presidency on MTP. Except he basically announced his candidacy before Kerry's political corpse was cold, so I fail to see why the media even covered it. Anyway, Joe, you know I love you and respect you and think you're swell, but seriously? No chance. Nobody outside of the Philadelphia area has even heard of you, and we only know who you are because you represent Delaware and apparently Delaware just gets a few minutes now and then on the Philly news as it is but a wee state without much happening. We all know you're really running for Secretary of State there, Joe.

The other guest was Lindsey Graham of SC. Who is not running for president but maybe should (yeah, I know I shouldn't give hints to the enemy but whatever). I'd never vote for him. But he has a great bio (lost both blue-collar parents and adopted his little sister, Air Forge, JAG) and seems capable of reason. Of course, he can't really run for the nomination. Because he's single and has never been married and Googling "Lindsey Graham gay" gets an awful lot of hits. Which is too bad, because I'd vote for a gay president but not one who supported an amendment banning gay marriage while closeted. Not that he's actually gay. Just, you know, some things don't fly in the Republican primaries.



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