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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday Party Bounty

I had three lab-related holiday parties and a conference with a full open bar this past week. Four days of free food and free booze! And I'm going to a Hanukkah party tomorrow night and then home Saturday. The Hanukkah party is at the home of the only other Jewish girl from my high school, who, in weirdness, now lives five blocks from me.

Anyway, I did some cooking for the last holiday party, which was a potlock for the three labs on the D floor.

Peppermint bark: easy! And minty!

peppermint bark

Derby pie: bourbony! And I make a bitchin' pie crust!

derby pie

I made faux-rugelach with the leftover crust: they sort of fell apart but it was my first time and all.

pie crust rugelach

My least favorite part of living alone is not having someone to cook for. Or clean up after my culinary adventures.



Blogger PoBaL said...

Aw, I miss our Sunday dinners.
And did you know that the term "Derby Pie" is actually copyrighted?
Aaaa..the things you learn in Louisville...

10:26 AM  

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