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Monday, September 11, 2006

Bucky Update

Well, they caught him. I'm sort of sad at the whole thing, it was sort of a letdown of an ending at least in dramatic terms. I guess I'm glad he was caught and I'm glad he's not dead, but I hate the gloating done by the troopers, especially Superintendent Bennett, spokesmodel for trooper arrogance. My next question is: can he get a fair trial anywhere in WNY?

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she pointed out that now my hometown is known for Bucky and that whole Nushawn Williams mess. Doesn't seem like the nicest place to live, does it? Though I suppose small towns don't make the national papers for good news. I don't know if we're really that different from any other small rural town anywhere in the country but it is certainly a mindset totally unlike what I've seen in cities. Or even actual suburbs.

In MTP news, Tim had that wretched hunched-over neck-less hobgoblin of doom, Dick Cheney, on this weekend. Tim was relatively good in his questioning this time, he didn't seem to defer to Cheney like he's done in the past. I don't think I need to sum up any more than the NYT. The transcript is here. There was a point in the interview that I thought fully summed up the attitude of the administration - "I don't buy the terms of the question, Tim" - though according to the transcript what he actually said was "I don't buy the premature question" which can still work if you figure that all questioning of this administration is considered by them to be premature, in the sense that they don't feel they should ever be questioned at all. But I like what I heard better, anyway.

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