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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adventures in Central Time

I went to Chicago this weekend. Somehow I'd managed never to visit before. It was a really awesome city and it is now on my list of "places I might possibly be able to tolerate living in." While there I got to see my uncle, who is fun and showed me around his neighborhood, and the CFEx, who took me to a bar filled with hipsters. The CFEx is not currently sporting any outlandish facial hair, though he was wearing skinny jeans and Vans slip-ons. But he has to, he's an MFA student now. I also got to go to the Renegade Craft show which wasn't quite as fun as I was expecting (too many ironic screenprinted T-shirts, not enough wacky knitting goodies) and see a bunch of crafty people, some of whom I'd met before and others I hadn't.

In Chicago, they have dirty dirty street signs:
so much dirtier than

I also got to (try to) teach people to knit:
teaching people to knit

Because while I may be Jewish, I will spread the gospel of the goodness of the knitting wherever I may go.

It would've been nice had BOTH my flights not been delayed, but I did get an awful lot of airport terminal knitting done. In fact, I now just have 8 rounds left on a really neat hat that I only had about two inches done on when I left. Thankfully, the TSA didn't confiscate my needles. But then, size 8 bamboo DPNs are really only maybe deadly to vampires. Plus, I'm one of those anal people who prints and highlights the section of the TSA site where they explicitly state that knitting needles are permitted. From my cold dead hands!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also went to Chicago this weekend and got delayed both ways as well. On my flight back, I even had to change airlines just to make it in. I am glad that someone from the east coast can appreciate Chicago.

11:22 PM  

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