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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tim Promo and Stuff

This Sunday, Tim will be hosting the kickoff to the start of the MTP Senate debate series with none other than Senator Man-on-Dog himself and his challenger Bob Casey, who sucks but is less evil and has, to my knowledge, never brought home a dead baby for his kids to kiss. Damn, I'm glad I still vote in NY and don't have to choose between those losers.

Why yes, I did get the email from the MTP people with the entire fall debate schedule lineup and I'm planning my life accordingly. Why do you ask?

Last Saturday I went out dancing, which was fun. But it was in Fishtown, which is really far away. Why aren't there any hipster dance nights in my neighborhood? Also, this beard thing must end. About half the boys there had beards - in August! Now, I can sort of see how it may be beneficial to have a beard in, say, January because of the cold and all. But Philadelphia summers are nasty, oppressive, brutish affairs and I cannot see how having a big furry layer on your face could be at all comfortable. Plus, I hate beards. Hate hate hate them. And chances are I won't be giving you my number if you have a beard. Maybe I'm shallow, but if I can wax I think the least a boy can do is take razor to his face once in awhile. It doesn't take long and having a chin is attractive. Trust me.

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Blogger Sir Oolius said...

Yeah, most of us would have preferred not to be forced into this situation by the DLC, but I'll still be voting against man-on-dog.

7:25 PM  

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