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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Timwatch Returns

They totally messed with the MTP times during the Stupid Olympics in Which They Never Bothered to Show a Goddamn Hockey Game, Only Stupid Boring Ski Shit. Ahem. So Sunday it was back to normal, which is to say boring. I mean Tim had Jack Kemp on yet didn't make a single Buffalo comment? I'm so disappointed. And how could he not mention that South Dakota (unconstitutionally) banned abortions? I mean, that's some fucking news-analysis-worthy shit. At least when Schwartzenegger was on during the random-MTP-time phase I got to amuse myself by thinking of McBain references. Speaking of, less then a week until the next Simpsons Trivia...Team Spankological Protocol is going to kick some ass!

Otherwise, things are the same only slightly less depressing, probably because it has been sunny and light longer. And because despite my remaining conviction that my experiments aren't getting anywhere, the advisor seems to think they are and is relentless with her insistence that I just need a few more animals and...poof! Paper! Which is a lot nicer than when she agrees that I suck. And would work if our normal rat supplier wasn't out of rats, or if the rats we got from the other supplier weren't psychotic auto-cannibals. Personal-life-wise, I'd classify myself as tentatively happy/cautiously optimistic/waiting for the inevitable horrible revelation because I can't ever manage to just go with shit and be happy. And knitting a lot, which I will show with photos soon.


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