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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm siii-iiick. Really I just have a cold but I did spike a fever Tuesday and as fevers always make me hallucinatorily loopy, I left lab and went home and slept for, oh, four hours. Now I'm just stuffy and have the phone-sex voice. Which I don't think is sexy because for me it means "ow it hurts to talk" but I'm never one to say no to a complement on sounding good.

Also, the rats keep making me sneeze on top of the cold.

News: last Simpsons trivia we tied for third. We would have tied for second had Steve believed in me but no. Don't worry, he'll never ever live that down. Saw a ballet. Avoided St. Pat's. Had a dance show at Bryn Mawr, which always makes me think of the Spell-lympics episode and Lisa's dream about the Seven Sisters. Their campus is small but impressive, with lots of castle-y stone buildings. If only the damn girl who organized the thing had seen fit to actually give us legitimate directions and we hadn't gotten all lost in the burbs and therefore been late, it probably would have been fun.

I'm thinking it might be time to start a game of Match the Boy to the Ridiculous Tattoo. And I discovered that there is a sequel to The Rules, conveniently titled The Rules 2, which means more The Rules Drinking Game fun! For those of you who didn't live with Jessy and I, the The Rules drinking game consists of opening to a random page in the book (don't pay full price, they are cheap and plentiful at Goodwill) and drinking for every rule you've broken. Easy, fun, and it makes you feel both dirty and headed for spinsterhood! If you're keeping track, I think the only ones I haven't broken are "Don't date a married man" and "Don't go to a college just to be near him." As for the ones I've broken, well, you'll just have to play the game and figure it out.


Blogger The Retropolitan said...

Man, I gotta get "The Rules".

3:19 PM  
Blogger PoBaL said...

Hmm, does Kentucky cheap library school count as choosing a college to be near him?

4:26 PM  

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