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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Timwatch 1/29 and stuff

Tim had Bill Frist this past weekend, who is really really fidgety on camera. No wonder he hardly goes on this show - he is really awkward. I forgot that when I watch these things not alone I have to pretend that I'm trying to carry on an actual conversation rather than just yelling back at the TV. Life is really hard sometimes. Also, I must be becoming a better political masochist as I actually made it through the SOTU speech until about 9:20. Sometimes I think about leaving since I can't stand Smuggy McSmugface but since those damn Canadians have elected a Tory (to a minority, but still) where would I go? So I drown my troubles in Stoli, which seems to make the nights go faster.

So in a moment of silliness I joined the belly dancing troupe and we have a show coming up (and no, I'm NOT telling where/when it is). Most of the people are undergrads, which means they are really really young as I determine youth by "are you younger than my little sister?" Most of them can't drink legally. I feel old. But my abs are fantastic since I've had four practices a week. And I get to try and warn them away from graduate school, though I'm sure none of them will listen. I sure didn't listen to my wise elders when they told me how much grad school would suck.


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