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Monday, February 13, 2006

Here's to Romance

In the true spirit of Valentine's Day, I have decided to celebrate by...having a thesis committee meeting! Woo! See, it is like traditional VDay celebrations in that I'll be dressed up, stressed out, and have high expectations that wind up crushed and broken. Except this time, there will be no exotic waxing involved. And I'm sure there will still be crying, if only to keep with tradition.

Really, I don't have much cause to be down on the whole VDay thing. I've only had one on which I was single since I was 13 and that year I did the Vagina Monologues so I got to yell "CUNT!" at the top of my lungs in a very large auditorium, which was pretty fun. But yeah, the whole mess sucks. So I've decided to pre-empt the usual VDay suckage by having a committee meeting and a dance rehearsal and thus avoiding any of the horrible awkwardness that would somehow be involved otherwise. Because I like avoiding things.

Apparently, snow is cause to pre-empt Tim in this pathetic excuse for a northeastern city. Poo. I have windows, I don't need TV to tell me it is snowing. I do not, however, have the members of the House and Senate Intelligence committees at my apartment so I do need TV to learn their thoughts on warrantless domestic eavesdropping. Though if I did have them in my apartment, I bet I'd do naughty things to them. Like make them give up the franking system.

For the record: calling me a name that rhymes with my name is not actually calling me my name. There are only four letters, it isn't that hard.


Blogger PoBaL said...

I think I'm crushed and broken enough for the both of us.
Except when the bravado's actually working, and then I'm just unboyfriendable.
(bravado's obviously not working right now, and there are Mormons next to me getting library cards.)

8:27 PM  

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