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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

To Alcohol!

Thanks to the joyousness of the Holiday Season, I've been drinking a lot more. And getting free food. And doing even less science than usual. Turns out, slacking off and drinking to excess is what makes me happy. That and spending recovery days knitting and watching Six Feet Under.

I had my annual Hanukkah party over the weekend, turns out I really really need to buy more chairs. And how is it that having people over somehow totally makes one's floors filthy? Ugh. Anyway, it was fun, there were more people than in previous years, and I even got kitchen help from Rachel and Juan Ramon. All three previous parties I made ExMatt peel stuff and I always had him grate the onions, luckily I had the foresight not to wear liquid eyeliner and I made it through the onions myself. Pictures can be found on flickr, as always. I wore a pretty dress as it was my damn party and I have all sorts of fun clothes and shoes and rarely occasion to wear them.

In other news, Tim had Condi over the weekend. Really, the more I am exposed to that woman the more I dislike her. Apparently it is totally Constitutional to wiretap US citizens without a warrant...just don't make them point to the specific statutory language that authorizes it. Gwen Iffil was on the roundtable and while she isn't my much-missed BBC chick, she still rocks. This Sunday is apparently Christmas, so there is a Holiday Edition of MTP that includes footage of Robert Frost. Which I suppose may be more interesting than more admin shills/officials talking about how Iraq is totally not as bad as it looks to be on my TV.


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