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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Belated Timwatch for 11/27

In the mayhem of the past month or so, I missed Tim over and over. Luckily, I caught him Sunday, woo! But more importantly, when I was home my father and I wound up going to a Sabres game. On the way there (we took a rather roundabout way as we had to pick up the tickets in a weird part of Hamburg) we went all the way up Rt 62 and drove by...Tim Russert's Children's Garden! Alas, I hadn't brought my camera and it was snowing pretty hard so my father probably wouldn't have stopped and let me out to take a picture, but still. I had no idea it even existed.

Anyway, Tim had John Warner, who totally creeps me out, and Joe Biden. Who is, in fact, trying to run for President. I like him and all, and he is really entertaining, but the man has some serious delusions about his (lack of) electability. But Biden came super-prepared, with pages of quotes both from himself and from others, and was really going right after Tim and his whole "I'll trap you with your own words" schtick. Warner totally reminds me of Death. He's very corpse-like. Anyway, Biden and Warner got into a brief pissing contest about who supported the troops more based on how many times/how recently they'd actually been to Iraq, which proves absolutely nothing about one's patriotism but whatever. The journalistic roundtable sucked. They need to bring back Nina Totenberg and that fun BBC chick and put David Broder out of his misery. He can go pretend to be Death with Sen Warner.

In campus news, there is a major scandal because some kid took pictures of two people having sex up against their Highrise window, emailed them to people and posted them online, and is now facing really big disciplinary trouble for sexual harassment(!). Of course, no action is being taken against the morons/exhibitionists who had what amounts to public sex and subjected the campus to their bare-assed frolicking. So the DP, in its ever-brilliant journalism, posts one of the pictures on the front page. See for yourself. Personally, I think if you don't want to be naked on the internet, you should close your blinds. And not do bondage porn, like a certain non-Jessy ex roommate of mine. But then, as far as I know I'm not naked on the internet. Yet.


Blogger Tiff said...

i am soooooo glad that you added the "non-jessy" disclaimer to your roommate story...

4:50 PM  
Blogger PoBaL said...

As am I.
Also, didn't she get some insanely low amount of $$ for those pics? Like $25 or something?
I bet you a certain assfaced former roomie of mine is on the internet having sex somewhere...

2:14 PM  
Blogger cara said...

I think she got $200 or $300...but she was there the whole night, and is naked on the internet forever.

I still love our whole ex-roommate saga with the two of them. Thinking of the two of them living together in enema-and-bondage bliss while we played The Rules Drinking Game and laughed at them, well...

I miss The Rules drinking game. I think I've broken even more of them now.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Tiff said...

can i add a particularly nasty ex-roommate of mine as well? the three of them living in ear-shattering "harmony"

1:01 PM  

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