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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Timwatch 10/17

Oh, boring. Iraq had an election and Condi is all about "yay, democracy in action" but really, is there anyone left in this country that actually cares? Because if I'm bored and I'm a total obsessive about politics and current events I can't imagine anyone else out there is paying attention. Oh, and she doesn't want to run for President so back off. And Louis Freeh still hates Clinton. Yawn. Though I always love when Tim plugs the Bills on the show, which he did. Plus they actually won so Tim must have some sort of power.

I carved a pumpkin for the first time since middle school. I suck but the roasted seeds were good and the mulled cider with rum made me not care about my pumpkin's craptacular-ness. I then learned that sipping straight whiskey isn't fun and that it is totally okay to go to McGlinchey's two nights in a row, it just means you're a poor alcoholic.

I am totally lacking in motivation. Not just motivation to do science, either. I find even paying bills and cleaning up to be way too hard lately. I just want to sit around and stare off into space and obsess because I don't know what I want at all. At least, I don't want the same thing for more than two days at a time. All this oscillation is really exhausting.


Blogger Asher said...

oscillate wildly

Oscillation as a word, pronunciation and all, sounds exhausting. Maybe some isolation with Morrissey will do the trick; b/c we all know the potent buoyancy of Smiths lyrics vs. apathy.
Or some physical oscillation to some Smiths songs. I'm at work and have street-level windows, so Moz and Marr'll have to wait on me for a more socially acceptable venue.

4:15 PM  
Blogger The Retropolitan said...

Isolation with Morrissey sounds frightening.

10:05 AM  

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