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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Presents! And Timwatch 10/23

I love getting mail. And candy. Last week was quite profitable in those respects:

My candy smuggled back from Canada:

A package from Lesley in the New Brunswick: is me hanging a Canadian flag too much?

And my dollar-store swap package from Lili:

yay for stuff!

Anyway, on Tim this weekend I learned that apparently Republicans don't think perjury and obstruction of justice are very serious crimes anymore. Which is awesome, because I totally plan on lying to a grand jury at some point in my future and it is just nice to know that Sen. Hutchinson thinks that would be peachy. Martha Stewart peachy. I also learned that Sen. Allen creeps me out because he looks sort of like a Ken doll only more plastic AND he's super hard-core conservative. I expected more from the roundtable as it had Frank Rich and before the fucking NYT got all elitist about reading their columnists I used to like his column sometimes. But yeah. Here's hoping there's a big fat indictment soon and that my favorite little hobgoblin of doom, Dick Cheney, is named in it.

Life-wise: went to see (International) Noise Conspiracy, who were fantastic. They're a Swedish Marxist garage band! And they're skinny adorable little acrobatic boys in matching outfits spouting socialist ideals! I really wanted to take them home with me. The main band (the Bravery) was okay too, their vocalist was cute and wearing black and probably some eyeliner but they used way too many super-bright strobe lights without the courtesy of an epilepsy warning. The singer reminded me of this guy I know at Lehigh despite not actually looking like him. Went to a neuroscience party that I just wasn't feeling despite the presence of both cupcakes and beer. And went to Grace to catch up with Ariell. And out to dinner (Laotian - wasn't actually all that good) with ExMatt whose attractiveness is wholly dependent on the state of his hair. Without me around to make sure he keeps it all floppy he tends to get it cut a bit too short, which makes me laugh since I don't have to care anymore. When will my exes learn: they need me, if only to make sure bad things don't happen to their hair. Hear me, CFEx? "Ironic facial hair" is NOT okay.


Blogger Tiff said...

i love international noise conspiracy...they include reading lists in their liner notes for each song (at least on the cd i have), plus i have a think for marxists...read my baby-sitters club blog (claudiasroom.blogspot.com)

7:15 PM  

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