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Monday, October 03, 2005

I Can't Figure Out if You're a Detective or a Pervert (And Timwatch)

I'd like to thank my CFEx for calling AND emailing me to say that David Lynch was speaking at Penn last week. That boy, he is still useful and I really really hope he's gotten over the ironic facial hair thing he said he had going on in August. Anyway, the lovely Mr. Lynch was speaking for free as part of a panel on the mind and creativity. Turns out, not only does David Lynch practice transcendental meditation, he's pretty evangelical about it and is on a tour with a string theory guy who pissed me off, a supposed neuroscientist who also pissed me off, and an actual neuroscientist who didn't piss me off as much. But we won't talk about how not into TM I am and how creeped out I am about evangelical anything.

Anyway, when he wasn't talking about seeking universal bliss via TM, he answered some questions about his work. It was sort of a Lynchian trivia pissing contest (no, I did not participate despite my dominance of trivia contests aback in the Twin Peaks Club days) and my vote for winner goes to the boy who brought up "World's Angriest Dog" though someone else had brought an actual old Lynch painting to be signed or something, which was more "creepy" than "Lynchian trivia master" to me. I wish he'd addressed more the issue of how someone so supposedly into seeking universal spiritual bliss was making movies with so much twisted violence (and Straight Story doesn't count!) but he sort of glossed over that. His hair was fantastic and he was wearing a black tie, white shirt, and black suit and I just could not keep from thinking "Woo! Gordon Cole!" in my head whenever he said anything but that's because I'm a freak.

And I caught Tim this weekend, a little hung over but functional. I have to say it wasn't a particularly impressive week. I will say that I actually shrieked for joy upon hearing of the DeLay indictment, but the people he had on to discuss it were pretty weak. And Gen. Abizaid on more Iraq, it still sucks apparently. We've just been distracted from the sucking by hurricanes and the Supreme Court. And Tim? Two people does not a "roundtable" make. I must say, the WSJ guy they always have on is quite telegenic, way more so than the WaPo guy. But I really miss the chick that does BBC stuff from Washington - she so obviously thinks American politics are nuts and is really fun on TV.

I'm just excited that I get to see/hear lots of Nina Totenberg with the next Court nominee. She's totally my favorite public radio personality. If only she and Tim were married...sigh.


Blogger PoBaL said...

I read this while filling in the library's gaps in the Left Behind--the Kids series.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Asher said...

No, you see, he needs all the TM to counterbalance all the up-fucked'ness (and S&M?) in his films. Or, sorta, like the way the white meshes with the black he wore (or that picture I've seen of him in a white suit with a black tie).

What's this, do political/media nerds pine away, too - except for them it's ├╝ber-barbie&ken nerd pairings? Women. Just tell me you don't have any c-span dolls.

[grinning and ducking]

11:36 AM  

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