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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Timwatch 9/4

First few minutes on the death of Rehnquist. And let me just state for the record that I totally predicted that Roberts would be up for chief, confirmed (come on, there really isn't any way that's not going to happen), and that O'Connor would stay longer until she can be replaced. Look, I'm rading the admin's mind!

Then, of course, hurricane coverage. I haven't seen Tim that outraged in awhile, I'm really glad it was him this weekend interviewing Chertoff, who just looks really Grinchy. This "we have to wait until later to analyze how/why we TOTALLY FUCKED UP" attitude that the admin always takes after a tragedy has to end. Because then something else happens, we never go back, nobody gets punished/fired, and we don't learn from our mistakes. Oh, wait, maybe that's the point. Tim also brought up the class issues of the evacuation, much to Chertoff's discomfort:
"MR. RUSSERT: But that's the point. Those who got out were people with SUVs and automobiles and air fares who could get out. Those who could not get out were the poor who rely on public buses to get out. Your Web site says that your department assumes primary responsibility for a national disaster. If you knew a hurricane 3 storm was coming, why weren't buses, trains, planes, cruise ships, trucks provided on Friday, Saturday, Sunday to evacuate people before the storm?"
I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Jeb isn't the governor.

But the real part that blew me away was Tim's interview with the president of Jefferson Parish. You should really just watch it, under the free video section of the MTP site, here.

Philly is taking about 1000 families via Project Brotherly Love and the Red Cross. So if you want to donate locally, here is some info. Or try the Etsy store for Crafters United, whereby you get stuff AND feel good, etsy.

Anyway, rest of weekend: housewarming at Caroline's. Her house is really, really nice though unfortunately located out in Manayunk. Then to Anderson's annual barbecue, with its weird mix of the Mexican community and econ people (via Juan Ramon), med students, and neuroscientists. There was more dance party, mostly to the Spanish pop, that I didn't participate in as I was still feeling the previous evening and was just way too tired/sore/not drunk enough/cranky to partake. So Rachel and I left a bit early and had a little sleepover at my house. Next time we'll French braid each other's hair. And talk about boys more, and lament how we never seem to meet boys outside of science but not think of any plans to, like, remedy that.

The new students are here, and all the little frosh are everywhere, roaming Locust Walk in packs. Slow-moving packs. The truck lines are insane! And they look really, really young. I feel dirty whenever I think one is cute: they're children! Arrgh! perv perv pervy perv perv!


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