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Monday, September 12, 2005

Timwatch 9/11 and Life Effluvia

First: who the fuck is Natalia? Seriously, I have no clue who this girl is so if someone could enlighten me...thanks.

Tim: First off was NO mayor Nagin, much calmer than he was on that fantastic radio interview. And he's actually admitted that he's do things differently is he could have, and I'm always pleased when a politician admits mistakes. And he kept up the criticism of Bush, FEMA, and Blanco. I wonder if he has a future in higher office? He's gotten a lot of national exposure from this, which could go either way. Then were a hurricane science guy (woo, science!) and someone who wrote a book on the 1927 flood. Rebuilding will be super expensive and will expose even further the class/race/ideological divisions. Yup. Constant coverage of any one event bores me. I know I'm a horrible person and all, but I just can't keep paying attention to just the one story for two weeks. Sorry. Luckily, we now have the Roberts nomination!

So on Roberts, PA's own Senator Arlen Spector! I wouldn't have voted for him, especially since I met Hoeffel in the Melrose Diner one day and really liked him, but I will begrudgingly praise Spector as "less evil than 95% of his Republican peers" which isn't too bad coming from me. Anyway, he looks so frail and old and egg-like because of the cancer and its treatment. I respect him a lot for sticking to his guns, bucking the will of his party's leaders, and actually questioning (or promising to question) Roberts even though his party wants him to shoot fluffy cupcake questions. Maybe the cancer has made him not care, since I remember back when they were threatening to rescind his chairmanship of Judiciary he was a lot more conciliatory that he's been lately. Anyway, Spector expressed his disagreement with some recent 5-4 federalism cases, like the one that overturned the Violence Against Women act and parts of the ADA and reaffirmed his support for Roe/privacy. Of course, Spector and everyone else can question Roberts all they want, they can't actually make him answer. I cling to optimism on this one, after all Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren and look how that worked out! Plus, writing memos in the DOJ really doesn't mean that's what you actually think about issues, I've played devil's advocate lots of times just because I love to argue (who, me? Argue for fun?). And even though I totally and completely fundamentally disagree with basically everything he's ever written or said, he's got a sharp little legal mind in there. So here's hoping he puts on the robes and his brain doesn't get infected by a Scalia earwig and that he turns all Warren-y, since he'd basically have to be exposed as a child rapist to NOT get confirmed at this point. Strict constructionism and Constitution-in-Exile views are totally legislating from the bench and judicial activism, let's hope someone calls Roberts on that.

Um, so, life:
Someone other than me had the idea to go to Goth night at Shampoo Wednesday and somehow I've managed to live here for three years without going, so I was all over that. And I dressed up, of course. Though my dancing-in-six-inch-heel-vinyl-boots stamina is not quite what it used to be, I still did well. And most of my peers at least wore black, so it worked. Yay dancing! Seriously, I cannot believe my peers went to Goth night. I really wish I had pictures, especially of Lex. Because he wore eyeliner AND the cat ears and was drunk. Friday was a psych party so after that Lex, Kathy, Alexis and myself went to...700, of course. I would like to state for the record that I didn't get super drunk. For once. Seriously, I started drinking at 4:30, kept drinking, went there, and yet I remember the entire evening. Either I'm finally learning or my tolerance is insane. Anyway, I was just drunk enough to dance and flirt and be social but not so drunk that I was in pain on Saturday. So I danced with some guy who was 6'4" and that was fun. Kathy and Alexis were super trashed, I split a cab with Alexis so she could crash on my couch but she got us kicked out of the cab. Ostensibly for swearing but really because the driver was totally taking the long way and she called him on it. But hey, we didn't pay for it, we just got another cab the rest of the way. And the cabbie was a super ass, we're not tourists and I know the way to my own goddamn apartment and I wasn't drunk enough to not notice he was going a really roundabout way, so I'm not upset. And I saw The Aristocrats. So lots of dancing and social productivity of late. And lots and lots of free food and booze, woohoo!

This week should be fun too. And next week. If only I didn't have to go to lab, my life would rock.


Blogger PoBaL said...

Specter will always win the "less evil than" award, since he's from the same state as Santorum.
Of course, I now live in an area with one of the few reps to vote NO on $$ to New Orleans, and make himself unavailable to comment, to at least try to defend his position.
Are there goth night pictures on the internet? Me and Tiff missed you while we were flailing to 80s music.

12:47 PM  
Blogger The Retropolitan said...

Well, I'm not surprised. You were always a weeeeeee bit goth.

1:40 PM  

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