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Monday, September 26, 2005

My Liver Hurts

So I promised I'd update my life-type doings of the past two weeks or so.

In order:
-Salsa dancing. I pretty much suck. Somehow looking cute drunkenly frolicking to 80s and Britpop does not translate into actual formal ballroom dancing ability.
-Free beer and lots of it, cute drunken Rachel, talking to a Canadian for hours. I am no Canadiana dilettante, I am the real thing. Damn straight.
-Goodbye dinner with a friend who has sadly relocated to Orlando.
-Party at which I learned a very valuable life lesson that I would like to share with all of you: if you are at a party and you've already been drinking (a drink, three beers, and two jello shots, not that you're counting) and you decide to play drinking games and the only beer left is Coors Light or Golden Monkey and it is already late and everyone else is having the Coors Light and Circle of Death (which apparently the rest of the world knows as Kings) is on the agenda, please for the love of God go for the Coors Light! And extra super please don't get another Golden Monkey to continue the game with after you finish the first one! Because that sort of thing ends in unconsciousness. Not sleep, total deadness. To be followed by the Raging Infernal Hangover of Doom. Yeah. Now you can all learn from my mistake.
-Dinner at Susanna Foo's for Restaurant Week
-Another party, mostly comprised of people who are not scientists. In spite of this, I was in a totally antisocial mood and regretfully didn't really meet any of the said nonscientists.
-Beatles and Stones, with pre- and post-ness at my apartment. I need to bake my upstairs neighbor some cookies by way of an "I'm sorry we were loud crazy drunken idiots continuing a dance party at three am and woke you up" thing. Nothing too bad, just me drinking a little much and being wacky and then bemoaning the sad state of singledom with Arielle, who is engaged and thus out of the loop.

And I've missed Tim two weeks in a row now. Oops. Maybe I really do have a drinking problem.

My mom also suckered me into booking a flight home for Thanksgiving. Somehow it was $100 less to leave on the Sunday before, so I'll pretty much be taking a full week at Thanksgiving. Fuck it, I haven't taken any time off since April and that was less than a week. Now I just have to try and get money for it from my father, which will be really difficult but as it was still $300 I can't really pay for it myself. Also, can somebody explain to me why it is $200 less to fly into Erie than Buffalo? I didn't even know Erie had an actual commercial airport until last year as it is a really pathetic excuse for a city. And can someone also explain why USAir is the only damn airline to have nonstop flights between Philadelphia and Erie or Buffalo? I am SO NOT flying all the way to Detroit first to save $50 on a flight, Airline People. Though considering I'm now going to be there about a week, I probably should have just driven. Damn mom and her evil mom-ness of being all "Oh, just book the flight now, why wait and actually use logic on this?" I haven't really been home in awhile, I'm sure it will suck. It always involves me hiding from pretty much everyone I went to highschool with, mostly by not going to the grocery store, Wal-Mart (actually really hard to avoid as it is basically the only store in town, damn evil bastards), and BJs, where I did much underage drinking. Despite my periodic bouts of creepy Western NY nostalgia, whenever I'm actually there I just sort of retreat and hide at my mom's house, broken by scamming food and booze off my dad and maybe going to the yarn store. I think deep down, I'm just a hermit.


Anonymous the canadian in question said...

It was a very impressive display of canadiana...although it would have been more fitting over double doubles at tim horton's than beers in the basement of cavenaughs.

1:02 AM  
Blogger cara said...

So you're bringing me candy, right? And maybe some Timbits?

If only Tim Hortons had free beer. Beer + donuts = goodness.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Asher said...

"My liver hurts" sounds like something Grandpa Simpson would say.

The DSM usually denotes a problem when something gets in the way of normal functioning. Considering for you, Timwatch = Normal...
What's it going to be - Tim or the drink?

2:01 PM  
Anonymous the canadian in question said...

so lets make a trade...I am going home this weekend and I will bring you back timbits if you bring me back anchor bar wings when you go home....deal ?

We still have to work on the free beer though......

3:06 PM  
Blogger cara said...

I'm going to lose my residency over this, but I am actually not a big wing person. Though I am all about beef on weck and sponge candy. Too bad Timbits and wings aren't exactly foods that stand up well to air travel. And what I'm really after is a mint Aero and some Mackintosh.

Though beer-wise, I could bring back Genny Cream Ale. You can get 40s of it. Mmm, swill.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous the canadian in question said...

I know a guy who can get things so if your lucky you may end up with some canadian contraband

6:23 PM  

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