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Monday, August 22, 2005

Mayhem! And Timwatch 8/21

So Friday there was much madness. It started when I went to happy hour with other Solomon people, because 22oz of tequila-based frozen fruity goodness somehow always seems like a good idea Friday afternoons. I went home, sobered up (slowly), and fully intended to go to bed at a reasonable hour and be all "productive" with my Saturday when Rachel called and said that I must go to Ludwig's as everyone was there. So I did. And I wasn't all that drunk when we left Ludwig's as the tequila was still working its way out of my system and was none too pleased to see the giant things of weird German beer that were there to replace it. Ingrid decided to host an after-party, at which more beer was consumed and then there were shots. Oh yes, the sober phase of my evening was certainly over. Most people had the good sense to leave by four, except for four of us (plus the two who lived there), who seemed to think it was a good idea to keep drinking. Until six. At which point there was major highschool-ish drama about the sleeping arrangements as Ingrid was whining amusingly about wanting someone to hold her (methinks this may have been prompted by her bridesmaid dress fashion show) and it was just weird, four boys and two girls and two beds plus a pullout. The dynamics of trying to go to bed (for sleeping) with a bunch of other very drunk, mostly single peers, all of whom are in their mid- to late-twenties shouldn't be so hard, right? Except it was, and Steve and I started to sleep on the pullout but that left Rachel alone as both John and Alice were with Ingrid and her holding needs and she didn't want to sleep on the pullout with us (duh, she has a lovely bed but we didn't want all the setting up of the couch to go to waste) so we went up there with her. She gave us pajama pants, it was a lovely gesture. Except then I couldn't stop laughing which would make Steve start and at this point we'd regressed to about seventh grade. And I'm pretty sure I got felt up but I chose to ignore that as who could tell if it was intentional or caused by some booze/half-sleep combo? Plus my breasts, they are hard to resist. Or something.

Ingrid woke us at about 10:30 and I was mostly okay except for a headache but she was still drunk and the rest were way hung over. So we went to brunch, except for Steve who had stuff to do and Rachel, who got sick. We are far far too old for this, so why do we keep doing it? Saturday I just met Arielle for a beer at Grace, it was far more subdued and my liver was relieved. And she's engaged, so she likes to ask me about singlehood and at least with weirdness like that I have much to amuse her with.

As for Tim on Sunday, again it was Tim-less. The host was the guy who is NBC's White House correspondent and he is no Tim. Russ Feingold was first, I really like him. Except I think he must be lonely since Wellstone died since that makes him just about the only true Progressive left in the Senate. And the whole running for President thing was brought up (can we seriously call a moratorium on that until after the 2006 election is over? Pretty please?) which he hedged on. And of course I'd vote for him, but he has the same problem as Rendell and Spitzer and Schumer which is: he's Jewish. And sorry, but I really really don't think we'll have a Jewish president, at least not in the near future. I wish it wasn't the case, but I really feel like anti-Semitic feelings are swelling in this country, in the Christian communities and in certain segments of the Left. Anyway, then was Trent Lott, who has a book out. I just don't like him. Maybe it is the accent, maybe the racism, maybe the other forms of bigotry, maybe it is because I think we could really do better without the state of Mississippi. Though I do like that he apparently rips on Frist in his book and hedged on whether Frist would have his support in 2008. It was mean while still being rather politic and diplomatic, which was fun to see. Since it was directed at another Southern Senator I'd love to see gone. Anyway, let's hope Tim is back soon, his replacements suck and they don't push the guests hard enough. And because I miss him.


Blogger PoBaL said...

So, I was reading the Tales To Astonish sleeping post, and I was reminded of the time you went to sleep with pants on, and totally and mysteriously they were off when you woke up.
And then I remembered that this wasn't you, Cara, it was Jim Steiner.
Because, you know, you 2 are so interchangeable.

11:25 AM  

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