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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lawyer's Daughter

So Saturday night Rachel, Ingrid, Cassia, and I went to a chichi dinner and then to a bar that I will not name since rumor had it there was a dollar-drink happy hour until ten. Except there wasn't, the bar was insanely bad (in the New Jersey way) and there were two bachelorette parties going on. Not exactly my people. So we went next door to another bar that I also shall not name, as I am embarrassed that my pointy-toed shoes ever crossed the threshold. In fairness, none of us had been to said bar, we just knew that there was a good shot of getting cheap booze until ten, that it was next door, and that there would be a dance floor. Having somehow weasled out of the six-dollar cover, we went in, had cheap booze, and made fun of people. I should say that at this point I could tolerate the music as it was all 80s pop, though more top 40 pop than I'd like. The people, though...all former frat boys and their female counterparts, totally bridge-and-tunnel drinkers. Then two guys that worked there started pulling girls up onto these ledges and pouring booze down their throats. Right out of the bottle. I should point out that the four of us were not doing a good job of hiding as we got sent up too and I must admit that I had some strange guy tilt my head back and pour faux Midori straight down the back of my throat. To the tune of "Humping Around" at that. I stayed out of the line of fire after that, though Ingrid and Cassia also got up for an unidentified red bottle.

My first thought after I got down from the booze ledge? "There has to be some sort of liability issue there." Seriously, how have they not gotten sued after a car wreck or sexual assault or something? Especially since most of their patrons will be driving over the Delaware to re-enter Jersey?

Anyway, I stayed for a bit but once the damn new R&B/MTV crap started playing, Rachel and I left and went to 700 Club. Of course. And since I was drunk and thus prone to stupidity, I told her about last weekend's events and while I made her swear on pain of facial mutilation not to tell anyone, I still think that telling was a bad idea. Eventually Cassia and Ingrid came to 700 too, Cassia and I danced and talked to boys that weren't from New Jersey and all was good in the world again.

Tim was boring this weekend, mostly talk of NASA. Why do journalists feel the need to keep asking astronauts about whether they believe there is other intelligent life out there, anyway? Can't they come up with any legitimate astrophysics questions? Like whether Pluto should really be classified as planet? Grrr. But good news in the political world: Santorum has said he won't run in 2008 and since I've convinced myself he's losing his upcoming re-election (though I won't vote for Casey as he is antichoice and I still vote in NY anyway), that might just bring us into a Santorum-free age. And Pataki isn't running for governor again since everyone knows Spitzer was totally going to kick his ass. So, two good things in politics in one week: haven't seen that in awhile. Though I'm still boning up on my Gordon Lightfoot, just in case.


Blogger PoBaL said...

Yay, no Santorum! Um, Tim is NBC Sunday morning at 10, 9 central, right?
If so, I don't get him--and yes, I was actually up that early Sunday morning. I wasn't feeling the 80s night last week, so I went home.
Speaking of not feeling things, I'm predicting being single again very very soon.

8:26 PM  

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