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Monday, July 11, 2005

Timwatch 7/10 and More Lab Fun

Much-varied Meet the Press yesterday, much about post-London mass transit scary terrorist stuff. And the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer doesn't look good on TV. Though Chertoff looked like hell too. Maybe there wasn't a makeup artist for the guests yesterday or something, because everyone's skin was sort of sallow and greyish. I'm a political junkie, and am especially into Constitutional stuff, but I'm already getting bored of the O'Connor replacement speculation. I'm sick of people talking about the coming fight, just let the knock-down drag-out start already and let me organize my "get your ass to Canada" paperwork.

Otherwise, I did lots and lots of rat brain surgery. And have been trying to avoid most of my labmates, since they've really been getting on my nerves. People! I DO NOT want to talk to you in the morning, especially if you're always perky and constantly asking stupid questions! It takes a good two hours for all my coffee to penetrate my cells and render me able to engage in human interactions, trying to engage me before that point will only result in me clawing your face off. And stop making nasty loud eating noises, that's why I keep not eating lunch with all of you. Ew.

Much as I like Philadelphia, the summer stench is starting to get to me. Probably because of how magnified the odor gets at 97 degrees. Like river sludge and trash and decomposing things all wafting up together. I fear the day I'll be dragging myself in all hungover and wind up puking off the bridge from the stench, thus adding to the general misery of the city. Perhaps I should look into mass transit for those days. Though when it is this hot, the human odor can get rather rank as well. Dear South Philly: using even more aftershave in July is not a subsitute for deodorant. Sorry.


Blogger The Retropolitan said...

In New York in July, garlic is a substitute for deodorant.

11:43 AM  
Blogger The Retropolitan said...

You really should update more. I get bored!

2:20 PM  

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