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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm Proposing a New Hankie Code

Poor Suzanne, got all interested in someone she was dating, only to have him turn out to be a Republican. Who not only voted for Bush (twice!) but is one of those active Bush supporters, volunteering and shit. And he lives in the gayborhood! Poor dear Suzanne was so upset when he told her, she kicked him out of her apartment. A move that required a lot of strength considering it meant no super fun frolicking activities. And since my infamous Republican from back in May as well as another one I found who is tall and fun and can quote Young Frankenstein (the bastard) I've decided that for the good of all of us, the Republicans need to be marked somehow so future Suzannes do not have to suffer.

Enter the Republican Hankie Code. Only it isn't going to be cute little pocket bandanas, there are too many skinny hipsters sporting those. No, I've decided that the symbol for Republicans should be bunny ears. Because bunny ears are hilarious, totally not macho, and elephant ears would be way too obvious. They'd be color-coded, of course - I'm thinking camo for the military-type (or chickenhawk, as it were) Republicans, pink for the hard-core Christian activist "I hate gays and know what you should be doing with your uterus" types, purple for the libertarian-ish, blue for the business ones...you get the picture. So that way if I met someone in a bar I'd know right away that he was a Republican-leaning libertarian and could ascertain just where he stood on things and who he'd voted for before even giving him my number. Because I am sick of wasting my time and my fabulous hotness on people who think what America really needs is even more capital gains tax cuts.

In other news...far too busy in lab, weird random rat deaths, frustration. Weekend: drinking, more drinking, dancing, kissing of very good friend in cab, extreme hangover, barbecue, new Harry Potter. With much hyper-analysis of the friend/cab/lips incident, which said friend and I have not discussed despite sharing one of those post-indulgence "we're far too hungover to move so let's just hang out" days. I thought I knew what I wanted: a boy I could call a few times a week who wouldn't stay over and who would be separate from my social circle to avoid that whole mess. And while I still don't want a boyfriend in general, would I make an exception for someone who was already a friend? Really, what I'm sure will happen is that we won't talk about it at all, we'll get drunk again, and we'll repeat the cycle. Which I'm actually not opposed to.

At least I know for sure he isn't a Republican.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What sort of work do you do on rats in lab?

12:06 AM  
Blogger The Retropolitan said...

Shouldn't the Rapture have gotten rid of all the Republicans by now? Just left empty piles of clothes all over the south and mid-west?

10:43 AM  
Blogger PoBaL said...

I love you, Cara. So very, very much.

4:57 PM  

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