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Monday, June 13, 2005

Return of Timwatch

So I bought an antenna for my TV and I now get nine whole channels! Including NBC, so I can get my Tim fix. Awwwww yeaahhh. Except it was really boring yesterday...things in Iraq suck, basically. Though Joe Biden was on and I like him, at least most of the time.

My laptop is dead. Very very dead, won't even turn on dead and I spent an hour on the phone with various asshats from Sony this morning trying to convince them that yes, I did have the extended warranty so pleeease fix it for me. Except I have to send it off to CA to get fixed, and find proof of the warranty. Since I'm guessing it is either the internal power source or the motherboard, and those are Very Expensive To Fix and as my car already has a hood that won't shut, no rear suspension, and dead AC and I have to pay for all that furniture I was forced to buy...yeah it better be covered. This broke thing is really no fun.

In good news...Sloan was awesome on Saturday. The opening band was okay, their best feature was that the lead singer was wonderfully man-pretty. Conor Oberst-type pretty, only he had some lame preppie blonde girl dragging him around after their set. But I talked to two Sloan people this time, as always impressing the Canadians with my knowledge of the NDP. Oh, and snagged a set list (take that, Certain Filmmaking Ex!). Anderson was impressed not only by my enthusiasm (I'm not sure he's seen me be that exuberant, at least not while sober) but with my ability to get to talk to the band. Really, I'm a cute girl with a unique tattoo, it isn't rocket science. However, I did not accomplish my goal of marrying a Canadian and moving up North and getting myself some of that tasty socialized medicine. Sigh.


Blogger The Retropolitan said...

I also dream of marrying Canadian and moving north to Valhalla or whatever perfect land of supermodels and marshmallows they have up there. Oh, Canada...

8:36 PM  

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