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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Timwatch 5/8

I'm getting the feeling that Tim really doesn't like John Bolton and is rooting for him to not be UN ambassador. Tim usually manages to come of relatively neutral (except in the Hillary/Lazio debate in 2000 where he totally let Lazio off the hook for violating the rules and that pussy Oval Office interview this year, though maybe he was drugged by the Secret Service), but I can totally see through him on the Bolton thing. My theory is that since Tim worked for the fabulous Patrick Moynihan, the late former NY senator and UN ambassador, this whole sending the biggest asshole ever to the UN must be grating. Since Moynihan, along with his bowtied awesomeness, was one heck of a UN supporter.

And what is up with Mary Matalin's face? Was she always that pointy? Carville isn't exactly attractive, but at least you get the idea that he's just sort of naturally squinchy-faced. Honestly, they both get on my nerves. Shut up, assholes! I don't care about how you're all the political odd couple, if you want to fight about politics, do it off my TV.

In life-type news, I'm a bit annoyed with the ex. He went out last night, which it totally cool since I enjoy him not being here but...he got drunk and came home - loudly - at 4 am. Then he admitted he drove home, was too hung over to even have coffee, and proceeded to hurl all morning. I should mention that he is the loudest.puker.ever. It just echoes through the house, even the cat freaked out. Obviously he just isn't very practiced. We live on a super narrow, winding little street where people park their cars in very selfish places. I can hardly drive it, let alone park, when I'm sober. Yet he makes it through so trashed he spends the next morning hurling and not drinking coffee? Really, there is no excuse to drive drunk, especially in this city. Cabs are plentiful and cheap, the trolleys are 24 hours, there are buses and subways...just no reason. And he didn't see a problem. Note to self: avoid driving in the middle of the night on weekends, even sober. And as a PSA: if you see a blue new bug driving around Naval Square a little too carefully at a time when people are likely to be drunk, be aware that it is probably my drunken ex and you should watch out.


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