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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So long, Undergrads!

Yes! I have finished my TA duties! I have graded everything, answered innumerable whiny emails, graded more stuff, met with them, cajoled them, cursed them, and caculated their final homework, lab, and participation grades! Lo, I never thought this horrible life-consuming TA-ship would be over, but dear God, I believe it is!

Some of my kids did very, very well. Some of mine did okay. And a few are Very Special Students. Except, now they're Idiots Who Got Ds and Fs in a Required Class That They Waited Until Their Last Semester to Take. And I have no more sympathy for those kids. I begged them to get help, I offered to meet with them, I told them that there were tutors if they didn't want to meet with me, I told them to go to review sessions and meet with the professors...but they didn't and now they're screwed. And I feel a (tiny) bit guilty, but I'm sort of glad they're getting bitch-slapped. To my Very Special students: you can't coast on your parents' money or your looks or football forever, kids. Frankly, I'm surprised and a bit disappointed that you've managed to make it this far, at an Ivy League school no less. Who let you in here, anyway? Yeah, and now your evil shrewy TA who got a fucking Pell Grant (have you even heard of that?) to go to a public school, who tried to help you, is very sorry but it is too late and there is nothing she can (or will) do for you.

But, to my good kids, the ones with a sense of humor and who actually came for help (even though sometimes you really didn't need it): thanks. I expected to hate all of you, but it has been really great to learn that there are some really fun undergrads at this school. And to those of you who said/wrote to me to thank me, it really does mean a lot that you noticed how hard I worked and I wish you all the best of luck. Even though you're basically all premeds.

Yikes, now I'll actually have to do lab stuff all the time again. Uh oh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never cease to be amazed at the number of undergrads a the prestigious ivy where i work make it to their senior year without ever stepping foot in the library...and the number of courses they can take audit or pass/fail...or the number of papers they turn in late...or the number of gucci purses...makes me grateful i went the large, public university route...(except for URI, which sucks my ass, and not in a pleasurable way)


7:38 PM  

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