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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Random Bits From Philadelphia

Are all cities blessed with as much weird random stuff as Philly? Some fun recent examples:

Yesterday on my walk home across the south Street Bridge (you know, the one with the giant holes that allow you to look down and see the yummy yummy Schuylkill beneath you) I saw a middle-aged German-looking man had pulled his bike over into one of the sort of lookout recesses on the bridge and was drinking a can of Beast. Just hangin' out. As he didn't seem to be carrying any beer, I have no idea where the can of beast came from.

Sunday evening, driving back from ghetto Pathmark. I was driving down Carpenter and stopped at a stop sign when three guys on HORSES turn from 24th to carpenter and gallop down the street. Not cops either - just random dudes on horseback in the middle of the city. I should mention that this is not my first weird Philly equine sighting: in the fall, I was walking home across the bridge when I saw some middle-aged black guy riding a horse across towards Penn. Not a cop or anything, just some dude on a horse. I don't get it.

A guy carrying a huge stepladder while riding his bike. I was really impressed with that one.

My block was closed most of Saturday afternoon so some kid could have a birthday party, with SpongeBob and a clown and a party jumper (didn't know those things were still in style). Except, they didn't actually shut the street down, not in any official and city-sanctioned way. They just tied used car lot-like streamer things across both ends of the street so nobody could get in or out. Apparently this happens all the time, and without any warning to neighbors who might have to, say, go to Ikea.

A very into drugs/drinking/fun boy that sort of resembles Peter Murphy and has lived here for 15 years and DJs and tags and such telling you he's a Republican. What is up with me and the Republicans lately?

And I have to be in the burbs again tomorrow. Except this time, at nine in the morning so we can carpool to fucking Baltimore for an informal conference. I am so not excited. Watch, I'll find more Republicans.


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