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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Perhaps I Should Cut Back on the Drinking

Another Friday, another Mad Mex happy hour, and another night where I get drunk with scientists, we all get silly and spill way too much stuff, and it is still light out. Yikes. I'm worried that I may be spilling too many hints about crushboy to my friends, since I don't want the whole department to know I'm interested. I like to gossip about other people, not be the subject of some sort of scandal. Plus, Kate knows and her tongue gets just as loose as mine after a 22oz margarita.

Though much thanks to Juan (and Anderson) for confirming my hotness at Bob and Barbara's, where I did manage to avoid the citywide special, thank God. I mentioned having a bit of a crush on someone (silly Anderson, of course he is tall, skinny, and dark-haired!) when Juan basically said that obviously I should just make out with him, I was too hot to get rejected. Which cracked me up, since obviously he doesn't get the crazy self-doubt I always get about these things. Especially since it is a rather delicate situation.

Of course, I didn't quite get un-hungover until 3 this afternoon, so I still haven't done any packing. Must. Pack. Stuff. Leave. House. Start. Sexy. New. Life.


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