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Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm Not Ready For This

Saturday night went to my friend's wife's nursing school graduation party with Juan and Anderson. It was in the suburbs. We weren't warned that there were going to be actual grownups there. And children. Like, people's parents/in-laws and little mini humans toddling about and adult conversations about things like knocking out walls to build a deck. Huh? I don't even get to paint where I live, let alone make capital improvements. So the three of us are there, in the corner like good little isolationist antisocial neuroscience pod people occasionally realizing we're talking about inappropriate things, like drinking and sex and how much Bush sucks (I think it may have been the only time in my tenure at Penn at an event with Penn people that Republicans may have been the majority...burbs I guess) and stopping since we were getting sidelong glances. Yeah.

As we walked out, stunned, we were just...how did that happen? How are people ready for that sort of life now? We're thinking about starting a pool on when they have their first kid...I'm betting less than two years. Since they're already stable and married and in the burbs and voting Republican. I need to go be irresponsible some more to get this dirty feeling off my skin.

In other news, no Timwatch in the foreseeable future since NBC is not one of the channels I get. Jesus and Univision yes, but no NBC. I'm already in withrawal and pretty pissed, since I hear Dean was on yesterday getting all verbally abusive on Tom DeLay's fat Texas ass. I did, however, get furniture and I've started to put it together. Though I'll need help doing the armoire I think. Since it has a good foot on me and all. And I have a couch! And the landlord promised that I'd have an actual working fridge today, so I can go replace the ice cream that first made me cry and then melted without even getting all eaten by me. My life is so hard.


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