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Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm happy to report that the monthlong Meet the Press Popefest seems to finally be over! Good thing, too, since I got so sick of it I actually stopped watching Tim. Pretty hard core.

So, yay Tim for standing up to that Prick, Andy Card (Bush's chief of staff). I always get so excited when Tim doesn't let pols pull shit like not actually answering any questions. You could totally tell Tim was getting pissed at all the dodging, and poor Card could only try to parrot the admin's lines and think of creative ways to avoid answering actual questions, and not totally sell out Tom Delay but not defend him too much either. The man must be some sort of acrobat. The second half was way less exciting - "can Democrats and Republicans agree on Social Security?" Um, no. That's why there are two parties, silly. Though it was mighty clever of Bush/his aides to redo SS as welfare so the Dems can't object too much but the program will surely die! Really, I do respect that level of deviousness.

In life news...pancakes and beer were mad fun, though crushboy begged off. I suppose that's fair, considering he is in the middle of prelims and I remember how wretched that was. Though in retrospect, it doesn't seem so bad, considering I have to do an abstract for SFN, a poster for SBN, have a thesis committee meeting (and find one more person the be on it, thanks Gary), and MOVE within the next six weeks. Oh, and grade the 251 final and calculate all my kids' final grades and read their lab writeups. And, you know, get some actual data for the abstract/poster. So prelim? Ha! At least crushboy had the courtesy to call and say he wasn't coming for pancakes and beer and sound a little bit down about it. This whole process is way to drawn out for my liking.

So here's to the reintroduction of yeast and grains and especially booze into my diet. Yum.


Blogger V said...

Hooray for the end of Popefest.

And hooray for the return of grains, yeast, and their combinations.

3:45 PM  

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