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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another Data-less Abstract

So gold star to me for not only submitting my SfN abstract, but having it basically done by yesterday afternoon, a full 24 hours before the actual electronic submission deadline. Plus, I have become master of the prospective abstract: reading it, people would have no idea that it was basically speculative crap based on an n of two. Hell yeah. The meeting is six months away, hopefully labby things will be working by then. Of course, I did the SBN abstract three months ahead, thinking I'd have data and that meeting is in six weeks and...I so don't. Oops. At least I won't have any TA-ing to distract me: just moving, trying to have a life, and that whole "summer" thing that always makes being in the windowless lab 70 hours a week an awful lot harder. Though it might almost be worse if we had windows in the lab (or my office): then I'd know what I was missing.

Future Jewish Husband called again, he is coming in for alumni weekend and wants to see me. And I suck because I have no desire to see him, no real time to see him, but I said yes anyway. Though if he is wearing pleated pants again, I'll stop taking his calls. I am just so not attracted to him and I don't want to lead him on or anything. And he is interesting and all, I just have no desire to ever ever have anything to do with him in the naked way. Thank God he lives in NYC so it really isn't much of an issue.

Went to happy hour again yesterday, then post with Juan and Anderson, again. Except I made it home early and not crazy drunk. This going out thing is getting really expensive but if I don't do it and I live alone, I'll become a crazy hermit and nobody wants that. Still nothing from crushboy, I think I'm going to give up, at least for now. There is no way in hell I am going to call him. Plus, I learned that he went out with a few people on Tuesday and didn't call me so...screw that. I really hate my tendency to get all obsessed with someone, feel crushed for a bit, then move on to a new obsession. Methinks there must be a more productive way to spend my energy.

Going out again tomorrow though, with Suzanne since she's leaving the lab (and got a job for $36K, lucky girl) so more debauchery with the labbies. And hopefully finding some new boys to fixate on for a bit. Or karaoke, whatever.


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