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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Well, I've found a new apartment and can move in mid-May, which still leaves me paying double rent for a bit and having to find movers, but whatever. It is a great place, with really great wood floors and I get the whole urban yard! And the street isn't permit-only so hopefully parking won't be a problem. Of course, with putting all this money down on the place and getting movers and not knowing when/if I'll actually get everything owed to me by the ex, I have no clue when I'll be able to afford to get my car fixed. Nothing like driving on the edge to keep you alert!

And so far so good with keeping Passover, though I didn't go out last night since I knew I'd drink forbidden things and instead had a huge fight with the ex and passed out early. Tomorrow night I'm going off to the Oregon Diner since they seem to be the only pace with breakfast all day and a liquor license, here's to breaking fast with pancakes and beer! Plus, there was a mob hit there at the counter in the 60s and it has that certain South Philly ambiance. I am so craving yeasty things already and tomorrow night is so far away.

Science Crush hasn't called (or emailed) though I did run into him yesterday. With prelims and finals, I guess he is way stressed out and though I totally remember how awful that phase was...screw that! Call me, asshole! I want to make out! I'm thinking this is going to be one of those nasty all-consuming crushes that never goes anywhere, and I really hate that. I need to meet someone to get my mind off him. Though perhaps I shouldn't start anything until I at least move out of the house with my ex? Three weeks of singledom and I'm already fed up. I suck at this.


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