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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Really Suck at Science

So I almost got toxic chemicals all over the lab today. Whoops. As it turns out, you shouldn't make formaldehyde in a plastic container, since it has to be heated on a hot plate. Yeah. "Hey, why isn't the stir bar stirring anymore? Oh, because it has formed into the melted plastic on the hot plate! Hey, let's hope that when I pry this bottle off the hot plate, the formaldehyde doesn't spill all over the place since the bottom has melted off the bottle!"

Um, yeah. For the record, formaldehyde is very not good for you. What with it cross-linking your proteins and all.

In related news, the lovely folks at Nature have emailed me back, apparently I've been "shortlisted" for that previously mentioned copyediting job. !!!!!! I have to take some sort of editing test, email it back to them, and if they like what I've done, I get an interview. I am scared to death. If I bomb the test, I'll feel like a dumbass. But despite all my crazy loathing of my grad school existence, do I really want to leave for NYC? Where I don't really know anyone (save a certain very nebbishy boy who keeps calling/emailing me)? Yeah my current living situation is way fucked up, but that is sort of fixable. Plus, I'm sort of exhilarated by having a crush and I've been noticing all sorts of tall skinny boys everywhere and I like the possibility of a shiny new life and all. So, who knows. I didn't even think I'd get a shot, so who knows? So many possible lives, so little time.


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