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Thursday, April 07, 2005

I have managed to get no lab stuff done this week, which I will blame on teaching even though it is at least partially due to my preference for doing anything other than optimizing a staining protocol. My class had their third exam this morning, so there was a lot of talking to and emailing students consumed with minutiae totally not on the exam. Plus, I had to be an exam beta-tester, so I actually had to take it as it I were a student (I got an A but not 100, for the record). And lead the review session last night in a very stifling room. There were people in attendance that may have been the most anal people I have ever met - and I'm a scientist. People that I would probably strangle were they in my section. I'm not good with patience.

I may be meeting two Future Jewish Husbands tomorrow. I'm a little annoyed about the timing of Main Future Jewish Husband's visit, as there is to be much drinking at happy hour since one of the neighboring lab's techs is moving. But FJH wants to go to dinner at 8, and he is really enthused about Indian (okay, so that part I like). However, tequila and Indian Buffet are just not a good mix. So either I'll be embarrassingly drunk and have some nasty war going on in my stomach, or I'll be pissy at dinner due to the missing of the continuing mayhem. I have no life the vast majority of the time, so why does everything interesting have to be on the same night?

Still living uneasily with the actual bf. This is not a conversation I want to have, ever. I really hope I can just move to NYC and avoid the whole mess. I am a very very bad girlfriend.


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