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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Typing is Ruining the Handwriting of the Next Generation

So I have all the exams I have to grade. At least enough people have dropped the class since the first one so there are now only 139 rather than 148. I wish it were all ScanTron. Multiple choice tests are so much better for everyone involved.

Alas, I have to sift through some of the worst handwriting I've ever witnessed searching for coherent answers to things like "what sort of postsynaptic modifications would decrease the size of spontaeous end-plate potentials by 50%?" Shoot, I'd probably just scribble nonsensical semi-letters and hope my grader got so fed up trying to read it that they'd just give me the points.

I, however, am the sort of TA who will take off points without bothering to try and decipher the crap that passes for handwriting from these people. I don't have a vision plan, I'm not getting paid for this, so I sure as fuck am not going to sit there straining my eyes over whether a kid has actually written the word "presynaptic" when all I can make out is "pray mac this" which I suspect is a concept totally unrelated to neuroscience.

Also, kids? There is a very big difference between "elicit" and "illicit". One is how you make a neuron do something, the other is how you get sued for sexual harassment. Figure it out.


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