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Monday, March 14, 2005

Timwatch 3/13

Ummm...so Condi is prochoice? I guess she really won't be running for President.

I cannot believe that Congress has nothing better to do than hold hearings on the use of steroids in professional baseball. I do understand that drug abuse in pro sports is a problem, but is it really a Big Congressional Hearings type of problem? Can't we just drug test them and kick them out of baseball when they test positive? And I'm really upset that Henry Waxman is so ugly. Really, I like the man's work, but he does not come across well on TV. And for the man to go from the (awesome) exposure of how much abstinence-only sucks to steroids in baseball? Way to lose esteem, Waxman.

Of course, I could still be bitter over the lack of hockey. Hockey is the only actually worthy team sport anyway. Sigh.


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