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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Magic Life Escape Hatch

I'm going to apply for a job. An actual job. I haven't filled out a job application since I was a sophomore, and I certainly never had to make and actual resume or cover letter.

I have no chance of getting this job, but it just might be My Ideal Job (aside from a career sitting on my ass knitting and watching Degrassi for $50/hour). As a copy editor with Nature Neuroscience. They're actually looking for people with neuroscience degrees and they don't require editing experience, and I imagine they pay a decent amount. Though almost anything would pay better than grad school.

So this job would get me out of grad school awfulness and out of my long-past-fun relationship. I'd get to move to NYC (okay, that is a bit intimidating - the whole Manhattan real estate thing) which might be rough but could be awesome. And I really really think editing at a scientific journal is something I'd enjoy and be good at.

In other NYC-related news, Future Jewish Husband is coming in to town in a week and a day. Conveniently, the bf that I'm sick of will be out of town. I really hope Future Jewish Husband and I get on well, but at the same time I don't because it isn't much of a leap from Future Jewish Husband to Life My Grandmother Wants Me to Have. But still, he works for Elliot Spitzer! Hot!

I really really hope I at least get an interview. Though what would I tell my advisor if I got the job?

Look, I've just jinxed myself. Looks like more unending lab drudgery for me. The rats are still giving me hives. I bet copyediting is one of those jobs that won't make me get itchy rashes. Is it too much to ask?


Blogger V said...

Good luck on the interview, sounds like a pretty great job.

And I totally identify with what you wrote a few entries back about getting much more done when the advisor isn't in the lab.

2:27 AM  

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