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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lab is Fun When Nobody is There!

The advisor is away this week. Woohoo! The weird part is, I'm spending less time there yet getting more done. So when she comes back I can still say, "look at all this science!" but I still get to watch Gilmore Girls on syndication when I get home. This is way more fun than the craptastic in-lab-all-the-time windowless hell that is usually my scientific life.

My talk last Friday apparently went well, though I still didn't get any actual data to put in it. Even the people who didn't have to tell me I did well told me I did well, so that was good. Then...the mayhem that is the post-Neurobehavioral Retreat open bar! Woohoo! For generally polite mild-mannered people, scientists get rather boisterous when drunk. There was yelling, and one of the techs (not from my lab) got all huffy since she was the only Bush voter at the table and stormed off. Look, we scientists are a logical bunch and if you say you voted for Bush yet you're a biological scientist, we're going to ask you why you did it, okay? It wasn't even rude questioning, it was the kind accompanied by our blank stares and open jaws, like "seriously? You really did that?" But we were all drunkety drunk drunk, as Lex said. No hard feelings, at least not on my part.

And what do you do if you think one of your fellow grad students may be developing a crush on you, and you love him to death, but not in the naked way? Especially with the rule against dating other scientists, especially those in your very same small program? Yikes. The weirdness is, there may actually be a peer that I do have a (little) crush on, and it isn't this one. Eep. Of course, I'm getting little crushes on a number of people right now. I think I should wait until the end of the term to initiate the Big Scary Possible Breakup Talk with the bf, since we do live together and all. This is all too messy.

The other grad student in the lab is now a father. Oy gevalt. I just cannot imagine it, especially since he is still in classes and hasn't done his prelim yet. You get enough sleep deprivation by virtue of being an overworked grad student, adding crazy new parent sleep deprivation isn't going to win you anything and will probably just make you crazy.

And I have germs. I can feel them breeding, reproducing in my throat. Bastards. I'm trying to flush them out with crazy fluid consumption levels. It isn't quite working, but it can't hurt. I bet this is the fault of too much contact with nasty germy post-Spring Break undergrads. There was just an article in the DP on how STD testing spikes when they all come back from Spring Break. Dirty dirty spoiled little rich kids. Here's hoping none of them come to office hours tomorrow.


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