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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hot For Teacher (or TA)

So. I have it on semi-reliable authority that one of my students has a crush on me. Apparently one of my students, the one whose friend is our future lab tech, saw this student at a party. This student was exceptionally drunk and asked my other student whether she knew me. Of course the girl knows me, I'm her TA for fuck's sake. Note that the crushboy student isn't even one of my "special" kids. Yikes. And this boy confessed that he likes me. The real issue is, she told me exactly which student it was so now I can't quite look at him because I want to giggle. I'm flattered and all, but...he's my little sister's age!

The upside is he isn't dumb and he isn't unattractive. He just isn't at all my time. Though I will admit that if I had to be stranded on a desert island with one of my male students and would be required to procreate, I guess I'd pick him. Though one other student makes a close second.

You know, my advisor dated one of her undergrads when she was a TA...and married him. Nice to know I can still reel 'em in, even if they are only 21.


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