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Friday, February 18, 2005


One of the joys of living in the Northeast (or the Midwest, I suppose) is that there is a clear and distinct winter season. None of that "it just rains a lot more" you see in the Northwest. And I know, as a native of the lovely and brutal Buffalo region, that Philadelphia winters are really not that bad.

However, it is a mile and a half walk to lab, much of which involves walking over the rather treacherous South Street Bridge across the Schuykill. With no buildings or anything to protect you from the hellacious wind gusts. This brings me to a rather gross phenomenon that I'm rather new to: the booger-sicle.

Now, having been quite the skier as a teen, I am well aware of the fact that being out in the cold, especially when doing physical activity, causes one's nose to run. And that it will melt upon coming indoors. Ew. However, I hadn't experienced this:
When I was trekking in to lab this morning in the cold and windy nastiness, my nose, as it is wont to do, started running. Whatever, I'm used to that. The really bad part happened when the wind started blowing my snot all over the place, in long clear viscous strings. It is not sexy.

But it gets better.

I should point out that there was no precipitation of any kind this morning. Yet when I happened to glance down at the front of my jacket, there were all these little ice crystals.

You know where this is headed, right? Yes, indeed, boogers had dripped down onto the front of my coat and promptly frozen onto the little wool fibers. They formed pretty little globby conglomerates of crystals, sort of in the pattern that happens with frost on windows. Ewewew.

I totally have to get this coat cleaned, though I think I'll be waiting until actual spring. In case there is a repeat of booger-sicle conditions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out what booger-sicle mean
my old friend currecntly living on the USA mentioned it on his page
and i was shy to ask him for the meaning :)

nice Story
loved the way u told things :)
currently iam in qatar
one of the hotest places on earth
so i consider u super lucky because i love cold places :(

4:04 PM  

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