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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Belated Timwatch for 2/20

A certain ridiculous live-in BF of mine keeps fucking up the internet and stupid "lab" and "teaching" have sucked all of my time, so a short and belated Timwatch from my sad, windowless office:

All during the Hillary/McCain segment, I was totally hoping they'd just start making out. And not just because they were basically saying the same things and having a little political love-fest ("well, of course I'd never actually vote for him/her because I'm a Democrat/Republican, but I totally think him/her would make an excellent President" smoochie smoochie) but just because Tim has been so lame lately. How many damn journalistic roundtables on Iraq do I have to sit through? Isn't there anything else to talk about yet?

So yeah, on the Meet the Press in my head, they were totally making out.


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